Basement Waterproofing

Excessive rain and snow leads to accumulation of water. It seeps down the foundation and basement through cracks and crevices. Various health diseases might make way into the house if basements develop mold and fungus. Our waterproofing services in GTA areas do exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, installation of weeping tile and window wells.

Foundation Repairs

Foundation of any real estate is built to last for a lifetime. However, with time it may develop cracks and structural problems. We, at Big Roc, always advise homeowners to get their home’s foundation repaired instead of rebuilding to avoid unwanted expenses. Our foundational repair professionals undertake heaving floor, bowing wall, floor cracks etc.

Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

This is actually a provision by The City of Toronto to financially help the homeowners if they choose to get waterproofing and foundational services. In order to be eligible for this program, the property must fulfil certain criteria. If fulfilled, the homeowners can get financial aid up to 80% of the invoiced cost on services like water valve, sump pump etc.

Our Mission


At Big Roc Water Proofing, our mission is to offer our customers the highest quality of products and services. Moreover, we want to achieve this in the highest professional manner and at the most competitive prices. With our continuous improvement and personal development, we hope to take the level of customer satisfaction to a new height.


Our Various Services

 Basement Waterproofing – Excessive snowfall and rain can force the water to seep inside the basement through various cracks and crevices. This can lead to myriad structural as well as health issues. To address them we, at Big Roc, can provide a host of basement waterproofing services.

 Foundation Repairs – Foundation of any structure is made with highest possible degree of strength. But with time it might develop cracks or structural problems. Issues like heaving floor, bowing wall, settling foundations are some of these problems which we, at Big Roc, can easily solve.

 Basement Flooding Subsidy Program – The City of Toronto launched this program to help homeowners with some financial aid if they decide to avail waterproofing and foundational repair services. On fulfilling the criteria, homeowners can get a rebate up to 80% of the total invoiced costs.


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