Do You Have Cracked Walls? Check Out The Possible Reasons For It

Every home owner faces wall cracking problem at one time or the other. Cracked walls are a result of either a weak foundation or the natural aging process. These ugly looking cracks are quite a warning sign of a serious problem your home might be suffering from.

If not treated on time, this can result in destroying your home’s foundation in no time. As compared to vertical cracks, horizontal cracks are more dangerous as they leave a much greater impact on the walls. There can be one or a lot of reasons which can account for a wall crack and it is recommended to take professional help in case one has no idea about the same.

4 Reasons For a Cracked Wall

  • Cold Weather Conditions

Weather has a lot of impact on our lives and your home is no exception to it. Weather changes can have a drastic affect on your home because as things get warmer or colder, your building materials tend to shrink and contract. This is normal to some extent but if the cracks are too deep and wide, they definitely need immediate attention.

  • Poor Foundation Work

A home’s foundation is one of the most important aspects in making a home live longer. If the foundation work of your home was not carried out in the best form, it can greatly affect its durability in the long run. Deep cracks and unexpected leakage problems are a part of this and should be treated immediately without any further delay.

  • Too Much Load

Your home is just like any other thing which has a definite resistance and if you exceed that limit, it will affect its strength greatly. Putting too much weight on floors and ceilings can lead to cracks in no time. Too much furniture at one place or something very heavy when placed at a corner will lead to a wall crack for sure.

  • The Moisture Affect

There was a time during your home’s foundation when serving water to your newly cemented walls was a must. However, once the home is built completely, the same water can have negative effect on its foundation. Too much water when gets accumulated at one place will result in making your walls to bloat, mold, rot and weaken and finally leading to cracks.

Need Some Help?

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