5 Basement Waterproofing Facts That You Must Know

Basement waterproofing is a must if you want to protect your foundation from water damages. Basements are highly susceptible to flooding. And waterproofing is the ultimate way to save thousands of dollars’ that you would have spent to prevent the water damages after flooding. Nowadays, basement waterproofing is a necessity. Have a look at some important facts of waterproofing that you should know.

Fact One: Water Damage can cause Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew buildup brings serious health hazards with them. You can see mold and mildew thriving in damp areas, including in the basement. Basements are generally damp and if you don’t treat them early, you may end up dealing with various problems, costing you thousands of dollars. When you waterproof your home, there are fewer chances of mold or mildew in the basement.

Fact Two: Waterproofing Increases the Home Value

Basement waterproofing can significantly increase the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home right away or after a few years, waterproofing will really benefit you. Reason being, everybody wants to buy a home that can provide reliable security to them and their valuables. Basement waterproofing gives an extra layer of security. A small investment now will turn out into a huge revenue later down the line.

Fact Three: Basement waterproofing is Affordable

You may find various waterproofing services in Hamilton. But, before hiring a company, do a little research and choose 4 – 5 companies that you like. Request an estimate from each company and select the one that best meets your waterproofing needs, at the best price.

Fact Four: DIY isn’t enough

Waterproofing your basement on your own is not at all a brilliant idea. If you lack experience and expertise, this one simple and effortless project can turn out into a huge and costly ordeal. Professionals give you great peace of mind, so it is advised to hire a professional for waterproofing jobs.

Fact Five: You can help Prevent Damages

Though basement waterproofing is a mandatory task, homeowners on their part can minimize damage to the home’s foundation by limiting the moisture build up underneath the soil. Always keep the basement warm and free of moisture to minimize the growth of mold and mildew.

There are various benefits of basement waterproofing so make sure you do not miss them out. At Big Roc Waterproofing, our Hamilton general contractors provide professional and reliable basement waterproofing services.

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