4 Tips to Save Your Home From Foundation Erosion

As a homeowner, one has a lot of work to do. After all the love, affection and capital one puts into his/her home, the last things one ever wants to see is his/her home getting toiled due to foundation erosion. In fact, foundation erosion is one the most common reason for which homeowners go for basement waterproofing. Fortunately, there are a few simple precautions which one can adopt to protect his/her home’s structural integrity.

What is Foundation Erosion?

Erosion, in simple terms refers to the situation when soil is washed away from higher to lower ground due to the action of wind, water or any other mean. A similar situation might happen with your home’s foundation and it is referred to foundation erosion. It usually tends to happen when rainwater from the home’s roof isn’t directed away properly by rain gutters from the home’s foundation. This makes the water fall around the home’s foundation making the ground beneath your home lose. This ultimately leaves the concrete slab, on which your home is built, unstable and prone to cracks and other related issues.

Tips to Stop Foundation Erosion

  •  Clean Your Rain Gutters – Clogging of rain gutters with debris makes the water unable to flow through them in a free-flow manner. This makes the water back-up until it eventually starts pouring over the gutter’s edges. Thus, one should regularly clean sticks, leaves and any other kind of waste from the gutters so as to keep them clean and operating smoothly.
  •  Direct The Downspout Away – In case the downspout of your home is pouring water from the roof directly on or around your foundation, it’s probably failing to do the job for which it is installed. Also, if the ground that’s around your downspout is sloped in such a way that a pool of water is backing-up around the home’s base, even then foundation erosion can be experienced.
  •  Try Doing Some Gardening – Some plants can do wonders when it comes to combating erosion. Their roots tend to dig so deep in the soil that they hold it together and lend stability to the vulnerable ground. Grasses also work great for preventing soil erosion. While preventing a pool of water is highly advised, however, plants that are placed strategically can help a lot too.
  • Plan For it Ahead – The best thing one can do so as to prevent foundation erosion is to plan for avoiding it. In case you are building a new home for yourself, then make sure that you have taken due care about it. Provide proper utility for the lot to be efficiently drained and also talk to your waterproofing contractor as how roof water can be strategically directed where downspouts are placed.

When we start loving our home too much, we can hardly stand to watch it get threatened by a preventable problem like foundation erosion. If you notice or suspect that your home has or might suffer from this problem, call a basement waterproofing professional.

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