What is the Ideal Time For Exterior Waterproofing in Canada

In every Canadian home, you will find a basement. No matter if you spend your time there or not, it is advised to every home owner to maintain the pristine condition of their basements. The most common issue associated with basements, creating annoyance, is water damage.

If you fail to protect your basement from water damage, you will be reducing the real estate value of your home and affecting your quality of life. If you encounter any of the following signs, it’s high time to think over exterior waterproofing.

Why You Need Exterior Waterproofing

  • High Water Table – The homes which are built around soil have wet or leaky basement all the times. The reason being, the soil is moist due to the existence of a high or a fluctuating water table. This means if you don’t have waterproofed basement, sooner or later you will experience problems with your basement. It is advised to waterproof the exterior of your basement to eliminate the issues permanently.
  • Mold and Mildew – Mold and mildew can be easily spotted by their pungent smell. Ignoring these stubborn fungi can damage your basement and lead to many potential health risks. If you notice mold or mildew developing in your basement, make sure to figure out the root cause whether it’s due by an internal or external moisture problem.
  • Condensation on Walls – It is advised to check your basement walls for condensation. The easy way to do this is by applying aluminum foil or plastic wrap to the basement walls. If the inside material gets condensed, the interior is damp. If the outside material has condensation, call expert technicians for exterior basement waterproofing. Don’t procrastinate the project as the problem will only get worse with time.
  • Water Spots in the Basement – Water spots or stains are potential signs that your basement fails to keep the external moisture out. Stains on the foundation wall are the outcome of a drainage system issue that must be fixed immediately. In this case, you may or may not require a waterproofing. If the stains are found across the foundation wall, consult the technicians of Big Roc Waterproofing to perform exterior waterproofing at your residence. It is the foremost step homeowners need to take as the safety and value of your home are at stake.

How Exterior Waterproofing Works

Waterproofing of the exterior of your basement is not at all a DIY project. You need to call professionals to get this job done. It requires special tools and techniques to perform the job safely.

It involves various procedures including:

  • Excavation – digging the sides of the house down to the footing,
  • Installing protective membrane – protecting basement from external water sources
  • Upgrading the drainage system – installation new drainage system and applying weeping tile to prevent water build up.

Sometimes exterior waterproofing becomes necessary to safeguard the foundation of the house. We, at Big Roc Water Proofing provide solutions for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, floor crack repair and many more.

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