4 Tips to Save Your Home From Foundation Erosion

As a homeowner, one has a lot of work to do. After all the love, affection and capital one puts into his/her home, the last things one ever wants to see is his/her home getting toiled due to foundation erosion. In fact, foundation erosion is one the most common reason for which homeowners go for basement waterproofing. Fortunately, there are a few simple precautions which one can adopt to protect his/her home’s structural integrity.

What is Foundation Erosion?

Erosion, in simple terms refers to the situation when soil is washed away from higher to lower ground due to the action of wind, water or any other mean. A similar situation might happen with your home’s foundation and it is referred to foundation erosion. It usually tends to happen when rainwater from the home’s roof isn’t directed away properly by rain gutters from the home’s foundation. This makes the water fall around the home’s foundation making the ground beneath your home lose. This ultimately leaves the concrete slab, on which your home is built, unstable and prone to cracks and other related issues.

Tips to Stop Foundation Erosion

  •  Clean Your Rain Gutters – Clogging of rain gutters with debris makes the water unable to flow through them in a free-flow manner. This makes the water back-up until it eventually starts pouring over the gutter’s edges. Thus, one should regularly clean sticks, leaves and any other kind of waste from the gutters so as to keep them clean and operating smoothly.
  •  Direct The Downspout Away – In case the downspout of your home is pouring water from the roof directly on or around your foundation, it’s probably failing to do the job for which it is installed. Also, if the ground that’s around your downspout is sloped in such a way that a pool of water is backing-up around the home’s base, even then foundation erosion can be experienced.
  •  Try Doing Some Gardening – Some plants can do wonders when it comes to combating erosion. Their roots tend to dig so deep in the soil that they hold it together and lend stability to the vulnerable ground. Grasses also work great for preventing soil erosion. While preventing a pool of water is highly advised, however, plants that are placed strategically can help a lot too.
  • Plan For it Ahead – The best thing one can do so as to prevent foundation erosion is to plan for avoiding it. In case you are building a new home for yourself, then make sure that you have taken due care about it. Provide proper utility for the lot to be efficiently drained and also talk to your waterproofing contractor as how roof water can be strategically directed where downspouts are placed.

When we start loving our home too much, we can hardly stand to watch it get threatened by a preventable problem like foundation erosion. If you notice or suspect that your home has or might suffer from this problem, call a basement waterproofing professional.

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5 Basement Waterproofing Facts That You Must Know

Basement waterproofing is a must if you want to protect your foundation from water damages. Basements are highly susceptible to flooding. And waterproofing is the ultimate way to save thousands of dollars’ that you would have spent to prevent the water damages after flooding. Nowadays, basement waterproofing is a necessity. Have a look at some important facts of waterproofing that you should know.

Fact One: Water Damage can cause Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew buildup brings serious health hazards with them. You can see mold and mildew thriving in damp areas, including in the basement. Basements are generally damp and if you don’t treat them early, you may end up dealing with various problems, costing you thousands of dollars. When you waterproof your home, there are fewer chances of mold or mildew in the basement.

Fact Two: Waterproofing Increases the Home Value

Basement waterproofing can significantly increase the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home right away or after a few years, waterproofing will really benefit you. Reason being, everybody wants to buy a home that can provide reliable security to them and their valuables. Basement waterproofing gives an extra layer of security. A small investment now will turn out into a huge revenue later down the line.

Fact Three: Basement waterproofing is Affordable

You may find various waterproofing services in Hamilton. But, before hiring a company, do a little research and choose 4 – 5 companies that you like. Request an estimate from each company and select the one that best meets your waterproofing needs, at the best price.

Fact Four: DIY isn’t enough

Waterproofing your basement on your own is not at all a brilliant idea. If you lack experience and expertise, this one simple and effortless project can turn out into a huge and costly ordeal. Professionals give you great peace of mind, so it is advised to hire a professional for waterproofing jobs.

Fact Five: You can help Prevent Damages

Though basement waterproofing is a mandatory task, homeowners on their part can minimize damage to the home’s foundation by limiting the moisture build up underneath the soil. Always keep the basement warm and free of moisture to minimize the growth of mold and mildew.

There are various benefits of basement waterproofing so make sure you do not miss them out. At Big Roc Waterproofing, our Hamilton general contractors provide professional and reliable basement waterproofing services.

Do You Have Cracked Walls? Check Out The Possible Reasons For It

Every home owner faces wall cracking problem at one time or the other. Cracked walls are a result of either a weak foundation or the natural aging process. These ugly looking cracks are quite a warning sign of a serious problem your home might be suffering from.

If not treated on time, this can result in destroying your home’s foundation in no time. As compared to vertical cracks, horizontal cracks are more dangerous as they leave a much greater impact on the walls. There can be one or a lot of reasons which can account for a wall crack and it is recommended to take professional help in case one has no idea about the same.

4 Reasons For a Cracked Wall

  • Cold Weather Conditions

Weather has a lot of impact on our lives and your home is no exception to it. Weather changes can have a drastic affect on your home because as things get warmer or colder, your building materials tend to shrink and contract. This is normal to some extent but if the cracks are too deep and wide, they definitely need immediate attention.

  • Poor Foundation Work

A home’s foundation is one of the most important aspects in making a home live longer. If the foundation work of your home was not carried out in the best form, it can greatly affect its durability in the long run. Deep cracks and unexpected leakage problems are a part of this and should be treated immediately without any further delay.

  • Too Much Load

Your home is just like any other thing which has a definite resistance and if you exceed that limit, it will affect its strength greatly. Putting too much weight on floors and ceilings can lead to cracks in no time. Too much furniture at one place or something very heavy when placed at a corner will lead to a wall crack for sure.

  • The Moisture Affect

There was a time during your home’s foundation when serving water to your newly cemented walls was a must. However, once the home is built completely, the same water can have negative effect on its foundation. Too much water when gets accumulated at one place will result in making your walls to bloat, mold, rot and weaken and finally leading to cracks.

Need Some Help?

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7 Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home

People often focus on various home decoration and improvement techniques, but tend to skip the most important one that is, waterproofing. This technique can save your home from various water and heat damages. Interior areas of your house needs to be kept dry from roof to basement. It is foundation and walls of a house that supports and protects it during rain, heat and snow. Therefore, it is becoming a necessity to waterproof homes in Canada. Seepage can lead to insect infestation, mold growth, leakages and in worst cases, construction failures.

Benefits of waterproofing your property:

  1. Stronger foundation
    Waterproofing all parts of your home such as bathrooms, balconies, walls and basements can prevent it from any water damage and leaks. It also offers durability to your homes foundation. You can hire a certified waterproofing contractor, if you want stronger and safe foundations.
  2. Avoid health problems
    To ensure that your home remains disease free, it’s crucial to waterproof it. As per studies, it has been proven that toxic mold is more prone to grow on moist walls within 48 hours. If ignored, it can lead to serious health problems including cough, eye irritation, asthma and skin allergies. Waterproofing walls can prevent any chances of moistness and consequently, health issues won’t arise.
  3. Protect your investment
    Home is the biggest investment in every person’s life. This is something they always feel proud of. But it demands regular maintenance and care. Waterproofing can help you in maintaining your home by saving it from various heat and cold damages.
  4. Peace of mind
    Having a well-ventilated home offers emotional comfort. You need not to worry about the weather outside whether it’s raining or scorching heat, your home is completely secured, if its water sealed.
  5. Increased resale value
    Waterproofing can potentially boost up a property’s value by 40-50%. If you are owing a home and a balcony without leaks, cracks and musty smell, then your home will surely attract more number of buyers and renters.
  6. Reduced costs
    Infiltration forces the ventilation system to work harder, especially during cold months. Waterproofing work wonders by helping people in saving their energy costs. Hence, you can increase the energy efficiency level by sealing all cracks and leaks in your house.
  7. Low humidity
    The indoor air is likely to feel damp, if your walls remain moist for most of the time. If humidity is cut down, then no condensation will be produced. This will help in preventing wet stains on the walls. It is crucial to keep the humidity level low.

These are the few benefits of waterproofing. If you want save your home from water damages and fungus infestations, then reach us at Big Roc Waterproofing, Ontario.