Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

We have been working with our clients from a long time to protect their home against the problem of basement flooding. The City of Toronto, however, now offers a ‘Basement Flooding Subsidy Program’ for its residents to save them from the serious cost implications of basement flooding.

GTA weather brings new problems and this program simply encourages homeowners to take necessary actions against basement flooding.

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How The Basement Flooding Subsidy Program Works

The City offers home owners a financial subsidy of at most $3,400 per property so as to install certain flood protection devices in their home like; a sump pump, a backwater valve, external weeping tile connection or a severance pipe.

It is important to assess the property first so as to decide whether it is eligible for the program or not. If found eligible, the city pays for the following work:

  1. Installation of a Backwater Valve – If necessary, our expert plumbing team can recommend the installation of a backwater valve on sanitary sewage and storm water connection so as to protect your home. These valves prevent dirty sewage water from flowing back in the home. The authorities in this case will pay 80% of the invoiced costs which is inclusive of labour, material and permit charges.

  2. Installation of a Sump Pump – Installation of a sump pump may be advised if our plumbers find it a ‘must have’ once they have considered the various factors. A sump pump will help to manage the excessive amount of water that otherwise gets collected by weeping tiles that drain in the sanitary. The authorities have decided to pay 80% of the invoiced costs which includes labour, material and permit charges.

  3. Pipe Severance and Capping – Foundation drains can also be disconnected from City’s main sewer system if found necessary. This is achieved by severing and capping underground’s sewer connection. This is another important solution to basement flooding problem and our city has decided to extend its help in it too. The administration will pay 80% of the invoiced costs which will include the material, labour and permit charges.

Eligibility Criteria for Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

The City of Toronto first reviews every application so as to check whether they are eligible or not. Our experts can also help you in preparing that application on your behalf. Certain basic pre-requisites include that the home should exist within Toronto city and must be either a single-family, duplex or triplex residence. All such homes must have their eaves trough downspouts disconnected from City’s sewer system properly wherever possible.

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