Leaky Basement Repair & Waterproofing Services

basement-waterproofingWater is the biggest structural nemesis for your home and we, at Big Roc Water Proofing, understand this. A flooded basement can force you to spend thousands of dollars in repairs for the damages that have been incurred to your property or foundation.Leaks in the basement can lead to the formation of mold, fungus, mildew further leading to major health problems for the inmates of the house apart from weakening the home’s structure.

We Specialize in

 Repair Leaking or wet Basements
 Fix Crawlspaces Dampening
 Basement Waterproofing
 Fix Foundation Cracks
Remove Mold, Dampness and Mildew problems

GTA’s Waterproofing Solutions Provider

Big Roc Water Proofing provides advanced basement waterproofing services in Hamilton, Burlington and other major GTA cities. We protect your home from the hazards related to basement flooding. Irrespective of your home’s age, we can provide effective solutions to keep water away from your home for good.



Why Waterproofing is Necessary in GTA Region?

A basement gets wet due to the seepage of excessive water pressure through the cracks of your home that’s caused by heavy rain or snowing. This pressure can do a lot of harm to the structure and the foundation of your house. Moreover, it will also contribute to various moisture related problems like mould and decay.

Basement leak or moisture problems can also drop your home’s resale value significantly. People like to put their basement to the best possible use. And a leaky basement can prove to be a hindrance in their plans. However, waterproofing can rev-up the value of your property considerably.

Our Services

  1. Exterior Waterproofing – This is by far the most effective waterproofing service so as to stop water from seeping into your basement. In this case, professionals excavate around the house till the footing, repair and seal the exposed foundation walls and then install a brand new weeping tile system so as to move excessive water away from your home’s foundation.

  2. Interior Waterproofing – Damp basements can bring unwanted damages, health problems and expenses. While exterior waterproofing is highly recommended so as to get rid of the problem, however, there may be certain situations where exterior access isn’t an option. In that case, interior waterproofing methods can greatly help to prevent from future water damage.

  3. Weeping Tile – Weeping tile systems along with sump pumps are the crucial parts of the drainage system that’s designed so as to remove excessive groundwater away from the house. Our team first inspects the older weeping tile systems for any kind of breakage/blockage so as to repair/replace them for the best results. A back-flow valve is also a must for a flood-less basement.

  4. Window Wells – If the source of moisture in your home is a basement window then it’s best to install a drain in your window well so as to avoid accumulation of water. Window wells are great for keeping water away from the home’s foundation. They collect water, drain it and ultimately prevent from structural damage. They also make the basement more beautiful.