Foundation Repair & Waterproofing

Big Roc Water Proofing services provides foundation cracks repair services in GTA and surrounding cities. Over the years, we have repaired and fixed home foundations to prevent leaky basements, pools of water, moisture and mold.

Foundation Replacement or Repair – Ask Our Professionals

Many homeowners have this notion that their home’s foundation is damaged beyond the scope of repair and therefore needs to be rebuilt. However, the truth is that this is never the case! At Big Roc Water Proofing, we stress on the fact that foundation problems must be taken seriously. Foundation issues generally need simple yet permanent repair solutions.

Getting a new foundation can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover it won’t really address the root of the problem. Homeowners should understand that foundations both – old and new can undergo damage from settlement, expansive soils, frost, and other sort of forces.

foundation-repairsOur Foundational Repairs Include

 Wall Straightening
 Settlement Sinking
 Bowing Walls
 Helical Deck Piers
Settling Foundations
 Sticking Doors and Windows


Our Various Services

  1. Bowing Foundation Walls – In this case, concrete walls start to buckle over time under external pressure. Foundation anchors present inside the wall can however prevent further damage due to their additional support.

  2. Basement Floor Cracks – Concrete floors can start cracking by sinking in the soil or if they are forced upwards by the soil. Plus a heaving floor can pronounce damage on the surrounding walls. For this, we have the most professional solutions.

  3. Heaving Foundations – Excessive moisture, frost and silt can make the soil underneath concrete foundations and floors to expand ultimately causing damages. We, at Big Roc Water Proofing repair all sort of heaving foundations.

  4. Settling Foundations – Sinking of the foundation with the soil can make your home absorb its after-effects. Foundation settling can lead to cracks along with other damages like broken bricks and chimney titling etc.

  5. Foundation Wall Cracks – Cracks in the walls of foundations are a warning sign for other upcoming problems in the foundation. Our professionals repair wall cracks by first locating main structural problem and then correcting the issue.

We Fix Structural or Foundational Problems

Its a fact that a solid foundation is the key to every building’s structural integrity. When it comes to homes, however, this is often overlooked. A good sturdy foundation can help keep the home in a great condition for years to come. Although foundations are strong and built to last but with time they can develop cracks. These cracks will not only cause more structural damages, but they also lead to the penetration of water in your basement walls and floors.

At Big Roc Water Proofing, we have the best range of waterproofing products along with ample experience so as to treat your home’s foundation problems once and for all. Our certified foundation repair contractors in GTA specialize in all kinds of foundation repairs and replacement projects.

Foundation Cracks Repair Contractors Toronoto

Most home owners believe that home foundations are usually beyond repair. Demolition seems to be the only solution. Not anymore! Foundation problems might appear small at the first glance but they can drastic turn in a nick of a time.
We, at Big Roc Water Proofing, are leading foundation repair contractors in Toronto and surrounding GTA cities.