Big Roc Water Proofing – Your Leaky Basement Specialists in GTA

Every year Ancaster homes struggle with wet basements, damp crawlspace and leaking foundations. Such nuisance usually triggers the panic button of the homeowners. Luckily, Big Roc Water Proofing Services in Ancaster to help people overcome such situations in no time. The basement tends to get wet when the water penetrates inside through the foundation cracks caused by heavy rainfall or snowing.

Basement leaks can lead to various foundation problems that significantly reduces the resale value of your home. Apart from this, mould can also lead to many health issues. Our basement waterproofing professionals ensure that they implement best possible solutions to eliminate the leakage issue from your premises forever.

Why is Basement Waterproofing Important in Ancaster?

A wet basement gives birth to a number of health problems. Moisture in the basement can be the cause of numerous health issues and even develop black mold, fungus in the basement. The wet basement walls, over the time, tend to lose their structural integrity and can even collapse if the condition worsens.


Call us to avail basement waterproofing solutions in Ancaster?

  1. Experience – Our waterproofing technicians have years of experience in basement waterproofing and foundation repair services.

  2. Budget-friendly – Our experts in Ancaster offer a wide range of basement waterproofing services at the most competitive price.

  3. Advanced Tools & Techniques – Our experts implement advanced tools and techniques in their waterproofing practices.

  4. Safe & Effective Procedure – Our experts give due emphasis on incorporating those procedures that are completely safe and dependable.

  5. Quality Products – We say a big ‘NO’ to cheap quality waterproofing materials. You can only find high quality products in our catalog.

  6. Customer Satisfaction – Our service professionals make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with our services.


Services We Offer in Ancaster

 Repair Leaky Basements
 Prevent Crawlspaces Dampening
 Repair Foundation Cracks
 Prevent Mold, Dampness and Mildew
 Pipe Severance and Capping
 Install Backwater Valve and Sump Pump
 French drain installation
 Wide Range of Foundation Repairs
 Internal and External Basement Waterproofing

We, at Big Roc Water Proofing, endeavour to deliver you high quality basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions that you can cherish for years.