Brantford Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement waterproofing is essential to protect the structural integrity of your home. Moisture and water leaks can weaken the basement foundation along with that also pose health issues. Walls are considered to be a primary part of a home’s foundation that holds the responsibility of the whole structure.

The extreme water pressure tends to weaken the foundation of the basement causing cracks and leaks. Our technicians in Brampton are up to safeguard your home from water damages. We offer reliable and professional basement waterproofing services in Brantford.

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Why is Basement Waterproofing Important in Brantford?

A wet basement can be the root cause of many issues. Moist basements can lead to numerous health issues related to black mold that can be harmful for your family. It can cause respiratory problems, asthma and allergies. Apart from the health issues, wet basements also weaken the foundation of your home significantly.

Our Services in Brantford

  1. External Waterproofing – External waterproofing in Brantford is essential to stop water from penetrating in the basement. Our professionals will first excavate and expose the foundation wall. The nest step involves inspection and cleaning of the exterior walls for any cracks and holes. The walls are then sealed with waterproofing solutions and new weeping tiles are placed.

  2. Internal Waterproofing – The interior waterproofing solutions are meant for people who don’t wish to disturb the outside appearance of their homes. In this method, wall vapor barriers and drip moldings are placed to collect the water seeping in through the wall cracks and other wall defects. The water is directed to the sump pump and finally out of the basement.

  3. Foundation Repair or Replacement – Our foundation repair or replacement services in Brantford includes bowing foundation walls, basement floor cracks, heaving foundations, settling foundations and mending the foundation wall cracks. Our professionals endeavor to make the structural integrity of your building robust.

Our Comprehensive Waterproofing Services in Brantford

Repair Leaking or wet Basements
Fix Crawlspaces Dampening
Basement Waterproofing
Fix Foundation Cracks
Remove Mold, Dampness and Mildew problems
Installation of Sump Pump and Backwater Valve
Pipe Severance and Capping
Foundation Repairs such as bowing wall, tilting chimney etc.

We, at Big Roc Water Proofing, ensure to leave you with a home structure that is dependable and robust. Basement waterproofing to foundation repair, we are up for every task.