Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Services in Burlington

Burlington is situated in between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. The city has low-lying areas that make it more susceptible to water and flooding. Heavy rainfall and the waterways around the Escarpment running towards Lake Ontario, make the streams spill their banks leading to localized flooding.

Why Basements should be Water Proofed?

Water is the biggest enemy of every home. It can invade your home and weaken its structural integrity. Thus, our expert waterproof technicians are ever-ready to provide effective and durable waterproofing solutions to Burlington residents.

Big Roc Water Proofing offers quick, reliable and guaranteed services in Burlington. Our courteous technicians have in-depth knowledge about waterproofing solutions and how it works. They can offer you their advice along with consultation. We endeavor to safeguard your home and provide the best quality materials.

Whether its a leaky basement, cracked foundation, worn-out sump pump or some other problem.

Our Services in Burlington

Our waterproof technicians Toronto offer advanced basement waterproofing services in Burlington. We ensure to provide our clients with durable foundation repair solutions.


Our technicians will first inspect the area and analyze the potential causes of water leakage. They are experienced technicians having knowledge about proven waterproofing methods. They will identify the root cause of the issue and execute the best possible solution to eliminate the water issues. Customers can avail both internal and external waterproofing solutions at Big Roc Waterproofing.

Foundation Structural Repair

Most homeowners don’t know how to maintain their home’s foundation. Any foundation, no matter, constructed a year ago or a decade ago, can have issues such as:

 Aging of foundations
 Cracks in floor
 Floor sinking

Such issues, if ignored, can lead to structural damages and even collapse the walls. Our waterproofing technicians in GTA provide foundation repairs for basement floor cracks, heaving foundations and many other associated services.


Basement Improvements

We offer a wide range of customized waterproofing and basement improvement solutions at highly competitive price. Our professionals can amicably handle any kind of issue, whether its bowed walls, cracks and leaks in foundation or even if its basement refurbishing. We use our expertise in accurately diagnosing the issue and come up with the right basement waterproofing methods.

We, Big Roc Water Proofing, are the leading basement waterproofing and foundation repair service provider in Burlington.