Waterproofing & Foundational Repair Services in Welland

Homes in Welland struggle with leaky foundations and wet basements every year. Such a kind of nuisance ultimately creates havoc for homeowners. Fortunately, we, at Big Roc Waterproofing Services, provide a suite of comprehensive services which can help people overcome the problems they are facing at their place.

Why Waterproofing Can’t be Ignored?

Basements generally tend to get wet after a rainfall or snowfall when water starts penetrating in them through foundation cracks. Leaks in the basement can cause multiple foundational problems which eventually tend to reduce your home’s resale value.

Apart from this, moulds can lead to a number of health issues too. This is where we come into action! Our waterproofing professionals make sure that the best solutions are implemented so as to eliminate leakage issues from your premises.

Our Major Services in Welland

  1. Basement Waterproofing – Too much snowfall or rain can make the water seep inside the basement of your home or office through cracks and crevices. This can eventually lead to a number of structural and health problems. We, at Big Roc, are in this industry to address these issues and provide best waterproofing services.
  2. Foundational Repairs – Foundation of all sorts of structures are built with materials that promise the greatest degree of strength. However, with time these foundations can develop certain structural problems like; a heaving floor, a bowing wall or a settling foundation. At Big Roc, our experts can solve these problems with ease.
  3. Basement Flooding Subsidy Program – Launched in the city of Toronto, this program soon reached all major Canadian cities in no time and Welland is one of them. This program aims to help homeowners financially if they decide to go for basement waterproofing services. Big Roc provides the benefit of this program to the people.

Apart from them, we also offer a host of other services to our customers in Welland.

These include:

Leaky Basement Repair
Backwater Valve Installation
French Drain Installation
Pipe Capping and Severance
Preventing Crawlspace Dampening
Preventing Mould and Mildew

Why You Should Go For Us?

  1. Experience – Years of experience in solving foundational and waterproofing problems. At Big Roc, our experts can solve any problem – big or small, with ease.
  2. Advanced Machinery – With our up-to-date tools and equipments, our experts are able to provide repair and installation services without creating any sort of damage.
  3. Affordable – Unlike other waterproofing companies that believe in charging exorbitant amounts from their customers, we charge the most justified amount.
  4. Effective Procedures – Big Roc, incorporates the most effective procedures when it comes to safe and dependable solutions for waterproofing in the city of Welland.

At Big Roc Water Proofing, we offer the best solutions for basement flooding and foundational problems. Our services have helped us earn hundreds of happy customers across Welland.